Carp Catcher Waggler Float 5g (10mm)



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A first of its kind..
A must have waggler float by angling legend John Allerton.

What do you do if conventional floats just aren’t quite effective enough? If you’re angling legend and float fishing expert John Allerton you simply design something a little unconventional that does the job so much better.

The Carp Catcher is just that… a first of its kind and a must-have waggler float for catching commercial carp. John found that conventional carp waggler floats were either too delicate and dived under the surface on impact, spooking wary carp and delaying their readiness to signal a bite on the usual pellet hook bait, or were too bulky and insensitive, compromising presentation and bite detection. This meant catches were reduced and match results were affected. For a perfectionist like John, this was an unacceptable situation.

Top Tip: Always feed your loose feed, such as pellets, maggots or casters first and cast over them.

Having identified the problem John set about coming up with a solution. The Carp Catcher float has a diameter of 10mm and reduces diving under when hitting the water, yet is sensitive enough to show up the most delicate of bites for fish like F1s.

What makes these floats particularly special is that they are constructed to John’s design, with a thin insert INSIDE the open-ended tube of the body, solving the original dilemma by being neither too slender nor too bulky. A tiny hole in the side of the top tube means the floats hold air on hitting the water, but expel it within seconds, causing bubbles on the splash that act as an added attractor.

Top Tip: Fifty per cent of carp caught on the Carp Catcher waggler take on the splash, the rest take when the float is retrieved a few yards at a time.

These unique crystal-clear floats are available in 10mm diameter and 3g, 4g and 5g sizes.

Top Tip: These floats take an additional one or two small shot to set the float to just below the orange tip for best results.

View John’s video on “How to prepare and shot the Carp Catchers for maximum effect” here.

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