John Allerton memory wire pole float 0.4g



John Allerton memory wire pole float
Size 0.4g
Available in Orange & Yellow tips

John Allerton memory wire pole floats. Designed for the rigours of modern commercial match fishing. A huge leap forward on the equipment needed to catch more fish.

Incorporating Nitinol super wire at its core means the floats have a memory and are virtually indestructible under normal use.

  • Stem:0.5mm Nitinol super wire.
  • Super-Elastic wire can easily be bent, but it snaps back to a straight wire when you let go.
  • Reduces float breakages in snags under normal use.
  • Perfect for margin and pellet fishing.
  • High visibility orange tip.

Nitinol - is a metal alloy of nickel and titanium.

Nitinol alloys exhibit two closely related and unique properties: shape memory effect (SME) and superelasticity (SE; also called pseudoelasticity, PE).

Available in: 0.2g, 0.3g and 0.4g

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