John Allerton Stick Float 5 NO. 4



John Allerton Stick Float. The original stick float by john Allerton, remastered
5 NO.4

The New & Improved John Allerton Stick Floats


The original stick float by master float angler John Allerton has been remastered. Now updated, modernised and even better than before, it is top of the range in quality and design and a pleasure to own and use.

Originally designed and developed by John, who used this float to great effect on the Trent and other waters, winning many major competitions. This float and method of fishing became synonymous with his name.

Top Tip: Evenly space your shot down the line at intervals of six inches.


John originally produced these floats for the Trent, and with their alloy stems they are a good choice for standard trotting, and ideal for the classic roach style of overshotting and holding back.

The alloy stem provides a heavy base for the stick float, giving the float stability through the water and providing the angler with something to ‘feel’ through the line when running through or holding back.

The precisely shaped balsa top section has a perfect ‘shoulder’ for holding the float back against the flow, allowing the bait to rise temptingly in the water without being dragged under or causing surface disturbance.

Top Tip: In the bottom 12 to 18 inches above the hook use a couple of No11 shot for maggot fishing, but slightly larger shot for casters.


The sharpened tip provides great visibility combined with sensitivity – you won’t miss many bites with these floats!

Available to buy singly or in packs, from 4No4 to 8No4, and heavy versions from 10No4 to 3g.

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