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Fishing tuition and fishing coaching by John Allerton; from beginners to experienced match anglers wanting to improve their technique and knowledge to increase their success

What’s a good way to improve your own angling? Read about how the experts do it.

What’s a great way to improve your own angling? Watch an expert in action.

What’s the very best way to improve your own angling? Be taught by an expert, who’ll show you personally how to fish better.

Now you can book a day’s fishing tuition and coaching with John Allerton, and experience top coaching from one of the very best in the business – from beginners who want to start off in the sport the right way to experienced match anglers wanting to improve a specific technique or simply increase their knowledge and boost their success.

Whether you’re an individual looking to up your fishing or a group of anglers after affordable, world-class fishing tuition and a great day out, why not book John for a private coaching session?

John finds that Lindholme Lakes, near Doncaster, is an ideal venue for his coaching sessions, allowing him to demonstrate both basic skills and advanced fish-catching methods.

  • One to one coaching - all levels and abilities welcome
  • Small group coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Corporate days
  • Beginners experience days
  • Specialised coaching to open match standard


Contact him to discuss your requirements and he will be happy to discuss how best he can help you do what he has been doing for many years… catch more fish!


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    "It was a real privilege to spend the day being coached, one to one, with John Allerton at the prolific Lindholme Lakes complex.

    My wife had booked it as an early surprise Christmas present for me.

    I first met John some 33 years ago on the river Trent, where as a young lad I plucked up the courage to ask him a couple of questions at the end of the match.

    What struck me was there was no edge to him, far from it, he was very approachable, straight as a die, very reassuring and always has time for you.
    I used to fish competitively all over the country, including Ireland and Denmark, however, I had not fished a match for over 23 years and with an impending work competition on the horizon at lindholme lakes, I needed to try and get my head around commercial fishing.

    Who better to show me the ropes than John Allerton, has anyone got a better record than John, at lindholme?

    In my eyes, John is one of the greatest anglers this country has ever seen, still winning loads of matches, approaching 70 years old, extraordinary.
    We had a lovely day, he answered all my questions, sorted the wheat from the chaff, quickly put me on the right track and we ended up with a terrific net of fish.

    Without a doubt, I would have struggled to get my head round commercial fishing without John’s help.

    I would recommend a coaching session to anyone, irrespective of age and ability, it is a fantastic day."

    Dave Jubb

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